7 units performed at the IPE Scandinavian Regional

The 7th edition of the IPE Scandinavian Percussion Regional in Mölnlycke – Sweden was the highlight of the Scandinavian Indoor Percussion activity, and the largest and most prestigious indoor percussion event in Sweden. On Sunday March 5th 2017, 7 top indoor percussion ensembles from all of Scandinavia went head-to-head to win the IPE Scandinavian Regional titles in the Open Class, A Class and Concert Class.

IPE Scandinavian Percussion Regional Results:

Open Class Finals:

  1. GOT Motion (SWE) – 76.33

A-Class Finals:

  1. Strangnas (SWE) – 81.50
  2. Gislaved DrumCorps (SWE) – 68.50

Concert Class Finals:

  1. Hule Sharks (SWE) – 70.75
  2. Goteborg DrumCorps (SWE) – 66.50
  3. Molnlycke DrumCorps (SWE) – 64.25
  4. Molndals DrumCorps (SWE) – 61.25

More information about the IPE Scandinavian Regional and the list of performing units can be found: HERE