Philosophy of IPE


Indoor Percussion Europe (IPE) exists fundamentally for its participants: youth, staff, and supporters. This is always the underlying consideration when IPE makes its decisions. Thus, IPE contributes to the cultural responsibilities held by all deserving youth activities: devotion to the individual, preservation of society, and improvement of mankind.

IPE is committed to inspire its participants to achieve ever higher and higher standards. We ascribe to the concept that artistic, aesthetic, and creative standards are important, but inspiration must balance with the primary need of providing recognition and dignity for all participants. Thus, IPE accepts the quest for wholesome experience and respect for all despite the dilemmas inherent in the conflicting needs to create higher standards.

IPE has chosen competition as its method for organizing youth activities in pursuit of high standards of achievement. We maintain that competition is only the means, subject to whatever controls are necessary to serve the true end — the participants. Thus, IPE is organized and administered on the principle that its leaders are professionals teaching by example both in and out of the competitive arena. As mature persons, IPE leaders know that our youth will learn life attitudes from all the observations of and interactions with those adults who are their models.

IPE’s adjudication systems exist to support the educational orientation of the IPE competitive activities. As such, those systems must address the educational needs of the competing groups in addition to providing fair and objective competitive evaluations.

IPE treats every participant as a unique individual possessing inherent dignity on his/her own. All participants are regarded as worthy human beings, equally deserving of our available time, thoughts, and energies. Thus, IPE does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, creed, sexual orientation, national origin, or cultural background. Its activities are based on the credo that all participants and program styles start with equal opportunity for success.