Heartliner start new percussion unit

The Heartliner (Germany) may be taking a year off from the drum corps contest fields, that does not mean that the corps from Ludwigshafen is out of action. In 2015, a new percussion group called Heartliner Percussion Ludwigshafen is operating within the association.

The percussion group has 24 members and is aiming to raise its profile in the area and to attract new members. They will not only perform but also get involved in the competition. On 18th October 2015, the group is entering the ‘Landesmeisterschaft für Musikzüge’.

The theme of the show is ‘Rise & Fall’. The fall of the Berlin Wall is 25 years ago, and the Heartliner will portray the construction, presence and destruction of the Wall in three musical chapters. As well as the team on the field, the group also has a front ensemble including electronic instruments.